Students keep rumors of auditorium ghost alive


Legends of mysterious ghosts and auras haunting theaters or stages are common tales in the performing arts world; the school’s auditorium is no different.

Created by former drama students, rumors of a ghost named Nick roaming the auditorium stage have been kept alive through gossip amongst the student body. Although no one has actually seen Nick, many students claim to have heard peculiar noises or seen strange scenes, such as thumping sounds or objects falling off tables.

“In drama we perform skits all the time, so I am on stage a lot,” said senior Alexiss Fierro, “I have never seen him physically; I have just seen things move and heard about how one girl from another period supposedly had her hair pulled.”

Most teachers, on the other hand, do not take these stories quite as seriously. Drama teacher Daniel Gonzalez believes this legend originated from the active imaginations of students.

“I personally do not believe in the rumor, but I think the students just interpret the funny noises they hear as a spirit or ghost,” said Gonzalez.

Although the age of this myth is unknown, the majority of teachers have been aware of its presence for quite a few years. Choir teacher Angela Chong had been informed of this rumor since she started teaching at the school.

“When I first started working here at Schurr High School in 2012, I probably heard about the rumor within a few weeks,” said Chong. “I have heard that it [auditorium] is haunted, and people have told me their experiences. There are different versions, but most involve a male student who died and supposedly haunts the auditorium.”

Although he spends most of his time in neighboring Room M-3, band director Antonio Castro has also observed some peculiar events. However, Castro disregards these events, as he takes into account some personal experiences on the campus.

“During the twelve years I have been working here, small, various things I can’t explain happened, especially when the chairs in the auditorium were being replaced in 2011, like instruments getting knocked over; but it’s not a rumor, it’s just my experiences,” said Castro. “The story is just a fun legend in Spartan lore.”

Whether Nick really exists or is just a prank conjured up by students, the auditorium is part of the spirit of the season, as sharing spine-tingling is a Halloween tradition.

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