Schurr Alum finds joy in new job

Plant Supervisor

People make memories as a way to recall precious moments they had; for plant supervisor Rene Muñoz, however, being able to relive and add on to those moments is as easy as waking up and going to work.

Muñoz has worked as a plant supervisor for over 22 years, with six years at Montebello Park Elementary and 16 years at Eastmont Intermediate before coming to Schurr.

As plant supervisor, the opportunity to be around students and teachers is what makes the job exciting and fun, according to Muñoz. The job requires him to be constantly moving, which is what Muñoz prefers over working behind a desk.

“Working with the kids is a big deal with me,” said Muñoz. “I like interacting with the kids and the staff. I like that it’s a constantly moving job, I’m not at a desk because I think I would go crazy sitting down all day.”

With the task of taking care of the school, the position for Muñoz is not only a job, but also an opportunity to rekindle past memories and moments experienced when he was a student.

“’93 was when I graduated; coming back was a big deal for me and it kindof got back to my own community and to help out,” said Muñoz. “When I walk around the locker rooms and the gym areas, it just reminds me of when I used to walk around here.”

As an alumnus, Muñoz plans to make the school the most presentable as he possibly can to encourage future generations to attend his alma mater.

“For me I would want the school as clean as possible. Paint jobs, lights, fixtures, everything to be clean, no graffiti, no spills,” said Muñoz. “I want people to say, ‘if you want to go look at a really nice high school in Montebello, go to Schurr High School.’”

For the plan to work, Muñoz asks for students’ help to do simple things, such as throwing away their trash, as they also have a responsibility to keep the school clean.

“If they could just help out [and] pick up after themselves, that would be a humongous help,” said Muñoz. “That would be the main thing.”

Muñoz has plans to make the school as best as it was when he attended it. According to Muñoz, he and the rest of the school staff work hard so that they can see not only students succeed but also the school.

“As far as where and how I feel now, I want to be here for the long run,” said Muñoz. “I’m not here for a couple months or a year. I want to make a change.”

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