S.A.T subject tests allow students to show strengths


To further differentiate one student from another, S.A.T. Subjects Tests allow students to demonstrate their strengths in certain subjects and stand out from others when applying for college.

Known for being the only standardized exam that allows students the option to choose subject areas, the S.A.T. Subject Tests are hour-long exams, each with content based on areas subjects selected by students to demonstrate their knowledg.

According to sat.collegeboard.org, a total of 20 tests are available on topics ranging from English and history to  languages, mathematics and science.

By taking the tests, students can show their strengths in individual subjects to create a distinction between themselves and other applicants for colleges. In addition, many universities use the scores as a basis for determining students’ class placement.

Colleges such as Yale, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) require applicants to take the tests in order to apply. According to collegeboard.org, it is also recommended to take S.A.T. Subject Tests even if schools do not require them, as scores are still taken into consideration during the application process.

According to collegeboard.org, when deciding which S.A.T. Subject Test to take, students should make a list of their strongest subjects and what they are planning to study during college. The site also suggests that students write down the colleges they would like to attend and do research on the schools to determine whether or not they require S.A.T. Subject Tests as part of the application process.

Many students take the tests towards the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year, according to collegeboard.org. Sites such as collegeboard.org and collegedata.com recommend that students take tests on subjects such as world history, chemistry and physics as soon as they finish the course, as most of the information will be retained for the test.

The S.A.T. Subject Tests provide students with another “achievement” to add to high school resumes as they apply for college. Taking the tests makes applicants stand out from the rest, increasing their chances of acceptance and attending the school of their choice.

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