H20 polo seeks to maintain momentum


Both varsity and JV defeated Cathedral High School Sept.18 with a score of 12-6 and 13-11 respectively.

“We are going to our learning curve. We have to replace eight varsity players from last year,” said Varsity Coach David Argumosa. “Inexperienced players need to step up. So far we are doing better every day. Some games lost during the tournament were due to their qualitied teams. Last year’s team exceeded expectations. This year’s group is still very young and with hard work, they can duplicate last year’s season.”

The Spartans won one of four games during the Los Altos Tournament at home Sept. 12 and 13. The varsity team lost to the Temple City Rams, the Sonora Raiders and the John Bosco with scores of 19-7, 14-10 and 9-2 respectively. However, they beat the Carpinteria Warriors, 14-13.

“It’s still pretty early in the season,” said JV Coach Uriel Villa. “Things are where they should be. Returners are doing a good job where they left off and new players are gaining a lot of experiences quickly. We have lots of guys that moved up to varsity. The title of three-time JV league championship is on the shoulders of many new players. I hope we can achieve that, but at the same time, I know that it will take a lot of hard work.”

Senior goalie Michael Melkonian, states that one way the team can improve is through defense.

“I hope that our defense can continue to grow so that it can be as equally strong as the offense,” said Melkonian. “Then we can not only score points, but prevent other teams from scoring. I know through repetition and practice, our defense will improve.”

On Sept. 8 the varsity and JV water polo boys defeated La Salle High with scores of 16-11, and 17-4 respectively.

“I feel like we are doing good, but we are making a lot of mistakes, but we can correct them over the season,” said junior Christopher Magallanes.

“The harder I push myself and the team, even if I’m tired, will lead the team in a winning direction.”


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