Water Wasted For a Good Cause


While a trend known as the Ice-Bucket Challenge sweeps the world, gallons of water are wasted; however, the amount of money and awareness being raised for the ALS Association far outweighs the negative.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS, is a disease that causes victims to lose control of their muscles, leading to paralysis and ultimately death. The Ice Bucket Challenge has been used to raise awareness for the disease. It is done by pouring a bucket full of ice and water all over a person to the feeling of paralysis.  Then, that person nominates three other people to do the challenge. People who are nominated can either choose to take on the challenge or donate $100 to alsa.org, an association fighting to treat and cure ALS.

Although the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised a lot of money and awareness, there is some controversy that the challenge is not done for the purpose of the awareness or money but for the fame it brings. However, due to the mass outreach through social media, many more people are aware of ALS than ever before.

Many people have added a personal spin to the challenge, adding hilarious antics and touching stories to their videos. Many famous individuals have completed the challenge as well, including celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Bill Gates, Taylor Swift and many more.

However, because California is currently in a severe drought, the Ice Bucket challenge has caused much controversy. According to thewire.com, the challenge has wasted about five million gallons of water. Many have also been fined for doing the challenge because of its waste of water.

Although the Ice Bucket Challenge has wasted a lot of water, it has all been worthwhile, as the ALS Association has gained lots of support monetary donations and awareness for its cause: fighting and finding for cure to ALS. According to alsa.org, the ALS association has raised over $111.2 million as of Sept. 9 and over three million people have donated to the cause.



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