Runners pass the finish line—in flying colors


Completely covered in neon colors, people of all ages cross the finish line of the nation’s largest 5k event series: The Color Run.

The Color Run promotes individuality, happiness and health. Since its debut event in 2012, the event has hosted runs in over 30 countries around the world. The spring event took place at Dodgers Stadium on June 21.

The Color Run is also well-known among social networking services. It has over 94K followers on twitter, 141K followers on Instagram, more than 3 million likes on Facebook and thousands of followers on Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.

“I’ve always seen these posts on Tumblr and Twitter saying, ‘run the color run,’’’ said junior Gabrielle Mendoza, “It was actually the best 5K I’ve ever because I didn’t have to go hard core racing, and we had fun getting all colored up.”

During the race, water-based tinted powder and liquid color is thrown and poured onto the participants. Neon light tunnels are also part of the course; after passing the finish line, participants gather in an area of music and colorful lighting.

“It was extremely fun. I would do more runs like that because the crowds are fun and everyone has a blast,” said senior Gabrielle Trenado.

To be a participant in The Color Run, one does not have to be a runner on the course. In fact, participation in The Color Run could include setting up the course and tearing it down, helping with glow zones and water stations and pelting runners with color.

“I think it was well-organized, and from the atmosphere, they really do live up to their title as ‘The Happiest 5K in the World,’” said senior John Chaides. “I would say the best part is the after-throw where they have their famous color throw.”

Although The Color Run is the largest, most attended 5K run in the United States, it is not the only run that involves getting doused in color. Other examples of fun runs include the Graffiti Run, the Neon Run and the Run or Dye run, each of which are five kilometers.

“I have done The Color Run, Run or Dye and Graffiti Run,” said senior Marlysha Nicolaides “I would encourage everyone to do these type of runs because it is a good workout; not many people enjoy running, but I think this can change their perspective since it’s all for fun.”

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