Hardworking students choose homework


As collegeboard.org notes, students must always try their hardest in school so they can succeed, but even those who put in their best efforts can sometimes lose their motivation.

“I don’t really like to do [homework],” said junior Johanna Avelino, “but I know that it’s helpful.”

The College Board acknowledges this general dislike of homework by students, but also notes its helpfulness in student success.

“I think of it as improving,” said Jacqueline Magallón, junior. “It is my No. 1 priority.”

To help students remain motivated to do their work, the College Board gives five suggestions: to focus on and prioritize their assignments, challenge themselves to look at their assignments in new ways, break down large assignments into manageable chunks, associate with people invested in their success and reward themselves for doing their work.

The College Board mentions that a majority of college freshmen wish they had worked harder in high school, a desire that translates easily into having given greater attention to homework before coming to institutions where, also according to the College Board, hard work on the part of the students is more necessary than it ever was in their previous school years.


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